Arrest Made After Fire Destroyed School Storage Sheds

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Ortner was identified after the Hewitt police department received an anonymous tip Tuesday. The incident occurred on July 21st at Midway High School. A fan in the barn was vandalized and the surveillance images show him hugging and petting, but not harming some of the animals inside. The vandal set fire to the two storage sheds, which were built by students at a cost of $5,000 to $6,000 each, Midway ISD Superintendent Dr.
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There are many companies to hire for this or we can go a step further and do some of it ourselves. I have seen ads online for turning old iPods into cameras and connecting them to computers. This can allow real-time monitoring of your premises, if you have enough iPods and old phones you can adapt. Conversely, find local people who can install the cameras, cabling and software and show you how to use them to monitor your home or business. Bear in mind that watching and recording is not the same as setting off alarms and alerting a central control system or notifying police. Recording can help identify perpetrators or help solve a crime, after the fact.
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While it will be hard to tell which service will win out in the end until all three are available for full use, there are significant difference between the services that users and music lovers should be aware of. Price and availability Amazon Cloud Drive Amazon is offering 5GB of storage for free to anyone with an Amazon account, but we all know that will only cover a fraction of most users’ libraries. You can store 20GB for $20 a year. Extra storage beyond that costs about $1 per GB in increments of 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000. If you have less than 20GB of music it’s not a bad deal, but if your library is larger you might be paying more than you’d like. One plus is that songs purchased through the Amazon MP3 store won’t count towards your storage limits.
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