Boiler Cover Firm 247 Home Rescue Responds To Success Of Green Deal Home Improvement Fund –

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Furthermore, at least 2,821 applications were made to the scheme between its launch on 9th June and a preliminary release of data on June 25th. Kevin Burke, representative of 247 Home Rescue – a firm which provides boiler breakdown cover, appliance cover and home emergency cover – said: “The cost of energy efficient home improvements can be prohibitively high, and although insulation, boiler replacements and similar renovations and refurbishments can save people money in the long-term and short-term, many Brits cannot afford to pay the initial investment. “Although the economy may be picking up, times are still very hard, wallets are tight, and people all over the country are feeling the pinch. Fuel poverty is an intense problem, and many people will again face a choice between heating and eating when the temperature drops in a few months time. “Initiatives such as the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund therefore provide many people with what may be their only opportunity to afford essential energy efficiency measures, ensure their home is warm and comfortable in all weather conditions, and save money on their gas and electricity bill for decades. “If you are struggling with the cost of energy, take advantage of the scheme today!” The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund offers grants of up to 7,600, which can be used to pay for the cost of Green Deal Assessments, solid wall insulation, loft insulation, boiler replacements and other energy efficiency measures.
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Chair rail not only looks great but it also helps protect the wall from damage. Replace window treatments Change the window treatments in just one room and youll be amazed at the difference it will make. In the summer, change out heavy drapery for something light and airy that will let light in, and flow in the breeze. When cold weather returns, return the heavy drapes to keep the room warm. Swap light bulbs- If you havent already switched to energy efficient light bulbs, its time to do it! It will only take about an hour to swap out all the bulbs in the house, and youll be surprised at how much money it will save over the course of a year.
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Store count increased last year with the acquisition of Orchard Supply Hardware, and has grown from 1710 to 1832 over the last four years with the acquisition accounting for the majority of the expansion. Over the last three years, comparable store sales have grown at 1.3%, 0.0% and 4.8%, respectively. However, the nature of its business is cyclical and dependent on the housing market.
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