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I spray this on, scrub, rinse and then pressure-wash with a multipurpose siding cleaner. It leaves an immaculate, streak-free surface. And when I use the pressure washer, I’ve had better results washing from the bottom up and rinsing from the top down. Professional contractorswho move a lot faster than I do and often work in squadswash and rinse from the top down. Since I’m not a professional, my goal is to take my time, work safely and get the house clean enough so that it won’t need to be done again for at least another year, and maybe longer.
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First rule of using a pressure washer: Respect its power – Chicago Tribune

On May 19th or 20th, subjects entered the Midland Roustabout Services yard on I-20. The subjects then stole 3 trailers including a 16 foot bbq pit trailer, an american cleaners and power washer trailer and a 16 foot black flatbed. The total value of these trailers is over $36,000 dollars. If you are the first person to call with information leading to the identity of these trailer grabbing thieves it will be worth a $2,000 cash reward. So call Midland Crimestoppers at 694-tips or 1-800-7 lockup and as always you will remain anonymous because no caller ID is ever used. You may now also leave a secure tip online at or text tip 247 then your message to 274637. Copyright 2014 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.
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Walmart Offers On Pressure Washers: All Power 1800 Psi Pressure Washer At $ 99.00 | AEG India


Paint chips from siding can fly into your face. This happens without warning. If you rent a gas-powered machine, wear earmuffs or great earplugs. Be sure you understand how the machine works. Many pressure washers depend on the incoming water from the garden hose to cool the pump that creates all the pressure. If you have the pressure washer on, but no water is flowing through the wand, you can damage the pump.
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More power to you with pressure washers – Chicago Tribune

Famous brands like Campbell, Hausfeld, Generac, Simpson are offering pressure washers. Washington: Pressure washers from famous manufacturers are available at Walmart. Your shopping experience will be better with Walmart in view of the wide range of choices, along with the attractive offers and payment options. For more details, please click here. All Power 1800 PSI Pressure Washer available at $ 99.00. Features include: * Weighs 24.2 pounds, * Flexible up to 35 feet, * Reliable and quick after sale service, * Lightweight convenient to use & transport, * One year warranty, * Pull handle & plastic wheels, * 1800 PSI power washer, * Delivers 1.6 gallons of water per minute. Campbell Hausfeld 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, (PW1835) is available at $ 139.00. Features include: * Wheels for easy mobility, * 1800 PSI electric pressure washer, * On-board storage for hose, 2 lances, pressure washers and power cord, * Detergent bottle that is great for low-pressure applications, * Hose reel for convenient winding and unwinding of hose, * Instant start/stop feature that protects and prolongs the life of the motor, * Swivel adapter makes it easier to attach to the garden hose, * 14 Amp 120V motor, * Includes 20 of high pressure hose, gun, adjustable fan lance, turbo lance and 35 GFCI equipped power cord.
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Crimestoppers 5-30 – Permian Basin 360

You decide which pressure washer to buy by deciding which jobs you need it for and picking the machine that has enough power to do those jobs. Buying a machine that’s too powerful wastes money and can also damage the surfaces you’re trying to clean. Pressure washers are rated by two measures: pounds of pressure per square inch (psi) they generate and gallons of water per minute (gpm) they pump. Multiplying the two measures together gives you a power rating that helps compare one machine to another. A pressure washer that generates 2,000 psi and pumps 2.0 gpm has a power rating of 4,000, for example.
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