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Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washers – Popular Mechanics

It is important you use the right attachment for the job you are doing. David Ayers, product manager for manufacturer Karcher, says: “It is wise to establish the various tasks you will need the pressure washer for, and invest in a machine that has the relevant attachments.” If you buy one with minimal attachments it is worth making sure you buy a model that sells accessories in case you decide you want to buy them at a later date. Joao Barufi, Bosch brand manager for lawn and gardens, says “a patio cleaner attachment can be extremely useful” as they help avoid the problem of simply pushing dirt to the corners of the garden, as well as keeping your clothes dry the attachments are meant to be splash-free. The machines The Mac Allister 1300W pressure washer We have picked some popular models, but prices change rapidly so please put any updates in the comment section below.
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Crook made a clean getaway with pressure washer – Hinckley Times

So, how much oomph do you really need? Size “Selecting the right machine is pretty simple,” says William Alexander, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Simpson Pressure Washer in Elk Grove Village, Ill. “First, decide on the kind of work you’re going to do, then select the right machine from one of three categories.
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How to Pressure Wash Your House – Popular Mechanics

What You’ll Need Aside from a pressure washer A, you need other gear. Mix cleaning solutions in 5-gallon buckets B. House wash C is a cleaner formulated specifically for pressure washers. Reserve general household cleaners and chemicals for cleaning by hand; bleach, for example, can damage a pressure washer’s pump. Mix Jomax mildewcide, bleach D and water for treating severe mildew. Pour the mildewcide solution into a pump garden sprayer E and apply it, scrub and rinse.
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Nilfisk C130 pressure washer

Police are appealing for witnesses who saw a man carrying the machine making his way on a bike from Outlands Drive heading towards Ferness Road on Tuesday May 6. DC 2063 Matthew Wiggins from Hinckley Police Station said: The incident happened between 3pm and 3.20pm outside Battling Brook Primary School – exactly around school pick-up time so I am sure there will have been lots of parents that would have seen him. A bright yellow and black Karcher pressure washer was stolen from a house – it was a K4 series.
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