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Nail Gun Injuries Surge – ABC News

The sequential trip-trigger is the safest type of trigger. It requires the nose of the nail gun to be placed firmly on the work piece before the manual trigger is pulled for a nail to be discharged from the gun. This type of trigger makes unintentional nail discharge less likely. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that a little over half of the injuries from contact-trip tools used in the residential construction industry could be prevented if a sequential-trip trigger was used. Injuries caused by nail gun use include being shot by a nail from a nail gun, being struck by the nail gun or hose from a compressor, and injuries to the musculoskeletal (muscle or bone) system or eyes. The majority of consumer and work-related injuries were from puncture wounds or wounds that contained a foreign body resulting from a nail shot through an individuals body part or a nail shot through construction material into an individual.
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Title Resources said American Title’s books were doctored to hide the missing money. Title Resources is suing to recoup the money and two investigations one a state criminal grand jury through the Colorado attorney general’s office and the other an inquiry by the Colorado Division of Insurance; have begun as a result. Unclear is whether a $1 million life-insurance benefit that Richard Talley switched from his company to his wife just before he died will become an issue in the Title Resources case or American Title’s bankruptcy. Premiums for that policy, likely one to protect the company in case its CEO died, appear to have been paid with company funds, bankruptcy records indicate.
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Colorado CEO commits suicide with a nail gun as company comes under investigation – NY Daily News

Richard M. Talley, founder and CEO of American Title Services, was found dead in his Colorado home Tuesday with self-inflicted wounds from a nail gun. Talley is seen here with his wife, Cheryl.

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Insuror clears widow in probe of missing funds – The Denver Post

For most amateur carpenters, the temptation to pick up and cradle these tools is all but irresistible. However, a new Duke University study in the current issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly suggests that inexperienced users may want to take pause before adding a nail gun to their home tool kit, as using these high-powered nail guns may be risky business for amateur carpenters. Researchers looked at hospital reports and government statistics and found that the number of weekend warriors treated for nail gun injuries in American emergency rooms has more than tripled over the past 16 years — a rise mirrored in the increasing availability of nail guns to the average consumer. In total, doctors went from treating about 4,200 home users for nail-gun related injuries in 1991 to about 14,800 in 2005. Moreover, the study shows that 40 percent of all nail gun injuries were sustained by those not professionally involved in construction or carpentry. “It was actually a surprise to me that consumers made up 40 percent of the emergency room visits for these injuries,” says lead study author Hester Lipscomb, associate professor of occupational and environmental medicine at Duke University Medical Center. “What has been historically an occupational hazard is now a hazard to consumers as well.” Anatomy of a Nail Gun Injury Dr.
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